Who is Footprints?

We develop custom Windows, Mac, Web, iPhone, iPad and Android information management solutions for business, medicine and government.

Back in the bad old days, only really big companies could justify or afford the costs associated with hiring a team of software developers to analyze their needs and to create custom software solutions. Even then, only a small percentage of projects actually succeeded in reaching the point where users could actually do something productive with the software.

That was then, this is now.

Today, companies ranging from mid-sized to small businesses are joining with their Fortune 500 counterparts in finding that well-designed and properly executed custom software solutions are not only cost-effective in the short term but exceptional long-term investments as well. Nevertheless, pitfalls abound for the na´ve and uninformed.

Generally, small companies will not have the staff available to handle any but the smallest projects. Larger companies often have a technical staff geared more to computer and network support than to software development.

Software interface design requires considerable creativity in addition to a high level of technical knowledge. Equally important, few companies count software project management and documentation expertise among their staff. Projects pursued without these critical skills are often costly and frustrating for all involved.

Footprints, Inc. brings all of these skills to your project.

For over 25 years, with three integrated full service offices, Footprints has been designing, creating, delivering and supporting information management software solutions for Fortune 500 and small businesses alike. In fact, our design and development standards and our project management methods have been adopted by many of our clients.

Footprints builds custom software that works the way your business works and adapts to changing business conditions. A Footprints custom information management solution quickly becomes a valuable investment, especially given today's ever-changing technology.


  • FootRunner Gold v14 Released

    Footrunner Gold
    for v14 Released!

    FootRunner Gold v14 is now available for 4D v14, 4D v13 and 4D v12, and is 64-bit compatible. This latest edition of Footprints' venerable FootRunner plugin line stays current with the 4D platform and the operating systems 4D is compatible with, continuing the fine tradition of dynamic 4D scripting for your 4D or 4D Server database application.

  • 4D v14 now available!

    4D v14 now available!

    4D v14 provides even more opportunities for your custom information solution on your desktop, tablet or smart phone.